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We are experiencing the start of a great growth cycle in value creation through new business models on the Internet.

Traditional growth models are obsolete and exhausted, therefore, investment in new sectors such as information technology are those that will drive economic growth during the following years.

Mola has the experience, positioning and equipment necessary to channel investment and resources to the more promising projects, in addition to providing the necessary diversification to the portfolio of projects, sectors and stages of maturity.

Through Mola’s contacts network you can detect investment opportunities with great global growth for the coming years in Spain and Latin America, also found in the Latin American market which will have greater growth globally in the coming years.

What we offer:

For investors who believe in our project, we offer two alternatives: direct participation in the holding capital with shareholder access to the group's direct investment or direct investment in any of the subsidiaries.

The legal structure and "Vendors due diligence" has been prepared with advice from the prestigious firm of Garrigues, so that any potential investor has complete comfort and security in their investment. We pledge to distribute 50% dividends annually generated either by the distributed profits or capital gains from disposals of investments.

The expectations of any return on investment are very attractive for projects with high growth potential. We have a shareholders agreement which favours investors interests whereby their economic rights are preserved.

Contact us to explore investment opportunities in high growth projects.